Education and Women Empowerment

Education is much more than reading, writing, calculation and arithmetic. It is one of the most essential investments a country can make in its citizenry and its future. It is a most crucial factor which reduce poverty and inequality. It provides a greater understanding to people about crucial skills and tools. It assists students and learner to perform better and also create opportunities for sustainable and viable economic growth. It helps to fight with dangerous disease such as HIV/AIDS. Education boosts transparency, great governance, stability and also helps to fight against corruption.

Education is one of the most crucial areas of empowerment for girls and women. It is beneficial for them as well as their families, gatherings, communities and countries. With the help of quality and value education, girls can make acquainted choices, enhancing their country’s social and economic prosperity by promoting the health and social welfare of the next generation. Countries which preferred gender equality in primary and secondary education are much more likely to have high economic growth.

Benefits of Educating Women:

An educated female group heightens a country’s productiveness and fuels economic growth. More knowledgeable women tend to be healthier, work proficiently and earn more income, have less children, and also able to provide better health care and education to their children. Girls’ education literally can save millions of lives. An educated girl and woman has the abilities, information and self-self-assurance that she needs to be a better parent, employee and citizen.

An educated woman is, likely to marry at a later age and also understand the need for family planning. Cross-country surveys show that an extra year of schooling for girls decreases fertility rates by 4 to 8 percent and also the kids of an educated mother are more likely to survive. In India, for instance, the infant mortality rate of babies whose mothers have received primary or prenatal education is half that of children whose mothers are illiterate. An educated girls and women can find out better job opportunities and improve their personalities.

Ways for enhancing girl’s access to education:

• Basic education should be free or cost-effective so that every category can receive it Where possible, there should be good stipends and scholarships to compensate families in return of girls’ household labor.

• Schools should be located close to home because many parents concern about girls travelling long distances on their own homes.

• Girls perform best when they receive early childhood care, which enhances their self-pride and make them ready for school.

• Relevant curriculum and appropriate learning materials will help them to understand things in a best possible manner.

Education is nothing but works like a ladder which leads to the wonderful life and better career prospects for girls and women. It is one of the most crucial and essential things in life, because without it they cannot contribute to the world or gain money, and do not receive knowledge. Knowledge and cognition is power, so when they know what they can do, only then they can go that mile further.

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You CAN Further Your Education and Stay Healthy

Whether your car still has your high school graduation tassel hanging from the rearview mirror, or a bumper sticker on the back reading “Soccer Mom,” entering the world of higher education is exciting. In other words, you’re in for a ride regardless of your age or how long it’s been since you sat behind a desk other than the one in your office or cracked open a textbook other than your oldest son’s three-pound pre-calculus tome.

Unfortunately, higher education brings more than just excitement – it can also bring financial stress. Classes at colleges and universities these days are expensive, and an entire semester of them? Plus textbooks and other materials? Well, most students must rely on scholarships, grants, and loans to get by, especially if they plan to go the whole nine yards – the two to four years it takes to get a degree.

As if that weren’t enough, the cost of higher education isn’t the only thing that can bring financial stress. Regardless of your age, you need health insurance, and since many college and university students either work part-time jobs that don’t offer health insurance, or don’t work at all due to school schedules, finding affordable health insurance isn’t an easy task. But, it can be done.

Believe it or not, most colleges and universities care about their students’ health. Many of them offer low cost or free on-campus medical services. Some universities even provide health insurance plans for students working beyond the standard four-year bachelor’s degree.

However, these services may not be the solution if you have a family to insure, as well. One option is to use your school’s health services or insurance for yourself, and purchase health insurance for your family. This is cheaper than the next option, which is to just buy health insurance for the entire family.

Higher education is important to you; so is your health. Luckily, it’s possible to have both.

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Career and Job Killers – Avoid These 3 Work Blunders

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in your current career or job. It doesn’t matter if you have been laid off yesterday or for several months. Looking for a job now or finding that new career has much more competition in times of recession.

It’s not just about who you know, it’s also about who you are. You must have something that will give you the edge. Help you stand out among your business peers and help companies make the correct choice to hire you for the job.

Having a degree is a symbol of your discipline. It is your area of expertise. If you want to have career success then remember success comes with hard work and the right attitude. You’re in charge of both your work ethic and your attitude. If you have the work ethic with the wrong attitude then you are harming your chances for promotions and damaging your reputation.

Companies don’t hire someone they think has a bad attitude because companies know, no one likes a bad attitude. No one wants to work with, or spend time on a project with a bad attitude. In your career if you chose between having the right attitude or the right skill sets to help you win your next promotion, the right attitude will most likely win you the job promotion.

A company can always teach you a new skill set and will usually invest in training the right person. What makes the right person? Always your attitude, companies look for individuals who can add a pleasant disposition to the work environment. Practice avoiding these 3 career pitfalls and you will become a trusted member of a team, a leader and someone others trust. It will catalyze your career success.

Don’t let yourself:

-Continue daily usage of limited negative thinking habits.

Even in the smallest amounts limited thinking destroys all of your personal aspirations before they even begin. Not understanding what limited thinking really is predisposes you to use it all the time without you knowing it. Most people do not examine where they have limited thinking patterns, then they let these limited habit patterns run the rest of their lives, creating destructive self-sabotage, anger or fear along the way. Avoiding this pitfall may seem new to you, however the truth is people do not want to work with, hire, or be led by someone with limited, negative thinking. It brings the whole office and work environment down. It causes all kinds of work issues and will damage your success.

-Believing that you are what you think.

You are not what you think. Thinking is a tool not who you are. You are not the bad thought you are having or the bad feeling you feel. However, you can experience what you think. There is a big difference here. When you understand this principal you will tap into the most powerful knowledge and skill you can have, which is the science of results oriented thinking. This is the understanding that things show up in your life because you are creating the thinking, actions and circumstances that produce them.

-Not understanding the plays in your play book.

Everyone has a play book that they use to play the game of life from. When you understand what plays you have in your book you can find the plays you use to sabotage your results and replace them with plays that produce the experiences you do want. Learning this can propel your life and chances for that new career as well as, giving you that secret edge you need to get hired at a new job.

When was the last time you looked at having an attitude adjustment? If you are serious about having a fulfilling career and being an important part of a team, then the same way you practice other skill sets is the same way you need to practice your attitude skill set. When you have continuing education courses to hone your professional skill sets, remember to add your attitude skill sets continuing education course also.

Protect your winning attitude. Don’t hang around or be associated with a person with a toxic, poisonous attitude. Stay away from them. Do not socialize with them. You do not want to have management think that you have a bad attitude because you are socializing with the toxic person at your job. If you have a winning attitude you will win at your life.

Vickie Jimenez is the author of “Champagne thoughts and Caviar power The Science of Results Oriented Thinking” and has over 20 years in the Personal Development field. She is an expert in personal and business mind set performance as well as work environment management. She is a speaker, corporate trainer and the CEO of Success Systems Seminars. She teaches companies, parents, teachers and individuals how to raise accountability and performance through self-command. increasing production, focus, self-esteem, revenues, culture, sales and career satisfaction. To learn more visit

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Distance Learning And Job Opportunities – Important Tips That Others Won’t Tell You

A good number of people want to enroll for online distance learning but one important thing that bothers a lot of them is whether the certificate they obtained online would be acceptable by employers, or not. Sincerely, this is a genuine concern and not one that should be taken lightly for whatever reason. If you actually do fall into this category of people, you would certainly need all the reassurance you can get and you might find this article interesting and to your liking because it will throw more light on this problem that has perhaps been giving you sleepless nights.

First of all, you should know that you don’t have to worry about your online distance learning certificate being acceptable as long as you know you acquired it from a recognized accredited institution. If you teamed up with an unknown college or university, and it turns out they were not accredited by any recognized educational body, you’d have no one but yourself to blame for the outcome.

However, you can, on the other hand, get a job anytime and anywhere with the right kind of degree because “online” or “distance” is not indicated on your certificate. Yes, it is true; your certificate from a recognized institution is every bit as valuable as that acquired through a traditional school.

In some cases however, you might want to be wary of schools that heavily advertise a 100% range of courses to be earned online. Truth is that it takes a whole lot to be able to do this, and even some of the best are not yet in that league. Often times, you might find that such an institution would be known by most employers, and if they are not, they might not be for real. In any case, since some employers actually believe that people educated online are half-baked, they may not take your online certificate serious if they cannot reckon with your institution.

The fact remains that most institutions that offer online distance learning program usually have job opportunities for their graduates… although I’m pretty certain you don’t want to limit yourself to just those alone. And of course, I’ll repeat it again, that if your certificate is obtained through a credible accredited institution, you will not have any problem getting the job of your taste.

Really, you just want to go ahead and prepare a killer résumé selling yourself in a way that could not be resisted by an employer. And if you are called to an interview, be prepared to answer all questions honestly. As a matter of fact, the way you present yourself in the interview will make them hire you even if they have a case against your choice of university or mode of study… or not.

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What Is Elementary Art Education, and How Does It Benefit Our Children?

So what is Elementary Art Education?

Elementary Art Education is the process of building children’s confidence, and skills in working with a wide variety of materials. Such as drawing, painting, construction, printmaking and several others depending on your school art curriculum.

It requires the children to use their imaginations, their surroundings, and from life in general. But most importantly using the principles of Art Design not only builds a child confidence but also strengths their other academic skills

“It is True Elementary Art Education does not solve problems, but it does make our children aware of their existence.” Years of research show that it’s closely related to almost everything that we as parents want for our children and demand from our schools, academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity.

Why is Teaching Elementary Art Important?

Recently, economic and social pressures have considerably impacted Elementary Art Education. In many cases, this has resulted in severely reduced budgets that cuts the Art Education Programs too many times, art is not considered to be part of the curriculum and is taught only at the discretion of the classroom teacher. This needs to change, Teaching Elementary Art is crucial in the overall development of a students’ approach to the world. Art teaches to the right side of the brain, developing and learning creative skills that enhance a student performance in academic achievement and in all areas throughout life.

Involvement in Art Education Programs is associated with increased math skills, reading, perceptive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. Elementary Art Education can also improve motivation, concentration, and teamwork. A strong Arts program helps close a gap that has left many children behind. Arts class enables those children from a financially challenged background to have a more level playing field with the children around them.

“How dull, how very drab the lives of our children would be, if they looked, but did not see, touched, but did not feel, listened, but never took a curtain call.” – Wilson Riles

In closing, Teaching Elementary Art addresses important issues of academic achievements that our children require to succeed in life. When you think about the purposes of education, We’re preparing our children for jobs. We’re preparing them for life after school. And we’re teaching them to be human beings who can enjoy the deeper forms of beauty. Art Education plays a major roll in this development, students flourish when creativity drives learning.”

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